Bugaboo Butterfly Stroller Review: A Mom’s Perspective

The Bugaboo Butterfly is one of the latest compact travel strollers on the market, and it is definitely getting a lot of attention right now (finally, a competitor for the Babyzen Yoyo!). But is it worth it? In this article, I plan to provide an honest review of the bugaboo butterfly from a mom’s perspective.

I am going to be honest, I really didn’t want to like this new stroller…largely due to the fact it didn’t include a bumper bar or car seat adapters. What I didn’t realize, though, was how nice the Butterfly’s tall seat back, basket weight limit, ease of use, and sleek compact fold would make a difference.

Now that I’ve had a chance to experience this stroller, I am so excited to do a full review and admit I was wrong! I say all the time there is no such thing as a perfect stroller, however, my goal is to help you find the best stroller for you in the season of life you are in.

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In this post, I outline who I think the stroller is best for. If you prefer to watch a video, here’s a YouTube video I recorded as well:

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What is my absolute favorite thing about this travel stroller?

My favorite part of the Bugaboo Butterfly is the tall seatback! The high-back seat is more than 24 inches tall, making it one of the tallest seatbacks in the compact travel stroller market, and I LOVE IT! This means you can use the stroller for so much longer with your toddler! 

Bugaboo Butterfly Things to Know

Bugaboo Butterfly Price

Priced at $449, in addition to the stroller itself, the Bugaboo Butterfly comes with a machine washable seat cover and a rain cover (but no travel bag). If you want the stroller to be compatible from birth to six months, you can purchase car seat adapters at $59.95, putting the stroller over $500…A little steep, in my opinion. 

Bugaboo Butterfly Features

The Handlebar

Working from the top, the handlebar is a good height (though not adjustable) and is made out of a material that feels good and will hold up over time. It also has a safety strap, which seems a little funny for a travel stroller, but it doesn’t detract from the stroller. I also like that the hood doesn’t touch my hand when it is not extended (unlike the Nuna TRVL). It does not come with cup holders, but you can purchase one separately.

The Hood and Canopy

The extra-large 4-panel sun canopy provides nice coverage without the extension, for older kids, toddlers, and a growing baby. The material is water resistant (plus you also can use the included rain cover). There is no peek-a-boo window unless you consider the canopy extension one…I personally don’t love this because I like being able to see my baby (less of a concern for my toddler).

When you fully extend the canopy, your child cannot see out. And if they’re anything like my children, they’ll move it out of the way immediately, rendering it useless. I like that the mesh canopy provides SPF protection and airflow, but I wish they had placed the mesh on the panel closest to the parent (next version, right Bugaboo?).

The Seat, Quick-Click Harness, and 5-Position Leg Rest

As I mentioned earlier, the seatback is incredibly tall and is my favorite feature. I have a toddler who is off the charts for height, and this stroller’s seatback is still taller than her. In addition to the tall seatback, it is sturdy and very easy to recline, and provides first-class comfort. I have read some reviews mentioning that it doesn’t have multiple recline settings, but that’s untrue.

It comes equipped with a 5-point harness and no-rethread buckles that intentionally stick out so they do not get stuck behind your child (this feature is amazing!).

The built-in adjustable leg rest is not the prettiest, but it is very practical. It will hold up well over time and can double as a carry handle when the stroller is folded.

The Stroller Weight

The stroller weighs 16.1 pounds, which is slightly heavier than a few of its competitors.

The Brake

The brake is easy to use and is what I consider “flip-flop friendly,” meaning you won’t hurt the top of your foot when using it. The only downside is if you end up buying the rider board, it will be hard to get to the brake.

The Light Push and Size of the Wheels

Smaller-than-average front wheels make for an okay push (it honestly reminded me of my Baby Jogger City Tour 2 push). Not the best push and not the worst! The rear wheels are rather close together, and I was worried my 6 ft husband would kick them when walking, but that isn’t the case.

Can the Bugaboo Butterfly fit in overhead bins?

The Bugaboo Butterfly Compact Stroller meets the cabin luggage requirements and is able to fit in overhead compartments.

The fold itself can be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not that hard to fold. Bugaboo advertises it as a one-hand fold, but I’ve found two makes it easier. One aspect of the fold that I like is that the wheels tuck into the stroller (and keep tire marks off your clothes). When folded, there is an integrated carry strap in the basket, but it is too short to use and often gets stuck. I prefer to use the footrest handle when possible.

Car Seat Compatibility 

Using the car seat adapters, the Bugaboo Butterfly is compatible with popular car seat brands. Here’s a list of the infant car seats it’s compatible with:

  • Bugaboo Turtle One and Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna
  • Clek Liing
  • Cybex Aton series and Cloud Q
  • Kiddy Evolution Pro2
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico series car seatsr
  • Nuna PIPA

I have found the adapters are super easy to install and remove, and they even fold with the stroller. However, I do recommend removing the adapters for air travel. 

Is the stroller nontoxic? 

While I don’t think it is the most toxic stroller in the world, it’s not the least. There was a notable smell when taking it out of the box. I couldn’t find a clear answer on if it is nontoxic online, so I emailed Bugaboo, and here’s what they said:

All Bugaboo products are free of PFOA and PFOS. Our fabrics are currently treated with a water repellent function that uses a short chain PFC coating as a water and stain repellent. This coating is compliant with international regulatory safety and quality requirements. Bugaboo products follow the JPMA (Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association) certification program which ensures no forbidden substances are present and tests that Bugaboo products are compliant with CPSIA requirements for children’s products.

All Bugaboo products sold after July 1, 2023, will be PFA-free. We have already released PFA-free items such as our Butterfly stroller and changing backpack.

It looks like less toxic options are coming this year! That said, the stroller is made with high-quality fabrics.

Who is this stroller best for?

I believe this stroller is a great option for going on everyday adventures or daily strolls with a taller baby/toddler (city or car/suburban living), or families that travel on airplanes a fair amount. I also like that this stroller sells a rider board attachment that can be used for an older sibling (though it does look like you will need to push the stroller from the side a bit to accommodate it (something to note for taller parents).

Who should not get this stroller? 

I do not recommend that this be your only stroller if you have a baby under the age of 6 months (due to no bassinet option or flat recline). The only scenario that this might be an okay one-and-done stroller is if you have a toddler who will only need the stroller for flights and trips to Disney (due to the wheel/suspension). 

The Wrap-Up

In conclusion, this stroller is great. Is it a perfect stroller? No, but I don’t think that exists. Ultimately, it comes down to your budget and what features are the most important to you. For me, I wish the canopy was a little bit more practical, and the wheels were just a little larger, but I do really enjoy this stroller.

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