15 Best Easter Books for Babies and Toddlers (Mom-Approved)

Are you looking for the best Easter books for babies?

Books are a great way to create special Easter traditions with kids. They are excellent teaching tools and a great addition to your little ones’ Easter baskets. In this post, I share some of my favorite Easter books with a mixture of Christian and secular books. I want to expose my kids to all different types of stories, but for Easter, I do not want anything that takes away (like Easter being all about the Easter Bunny or Peppa Pig) from the true meaning of Easter. In this post, I will share my favorite Easter board books and picture books.

Some of these books we purchased, some were given to us, and most were checked out at our local library – which is so awesome! Libraries are fantastic resources. You just have to beat all the other planners to them if you want the holiday books for your storytime! I love to rent first and then purchase our favorites after I know we will love them. And just like toy rotation, I pack them away after each holiday, so they’re like new toys when they’re brought out the next season!

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In the next section, I will summarize each book I recommend below, but I wanted to add quick links to the categories to make it easy. Happy reading!

Best Easter Board Books for Babies and Toddlers

Below is a list of my favorite board books for babies leading up to Easter. I prefer to stick with board books until they stop chewing on the books and tearing pages..

Holy Week by Danielle Hitchen

Holy Week Book Cover

My girls both love this Easter board book. It tells the story of Holy Week with bright colors by focusing on different emotions. The beautiful illustrations present an excellent opportunity to have many Christ-centered conversations with your little one. 

Babies First Easter

Baby's First Easter book cover

This is a great book for your baby’s first Easter and briefly introduces Holy Week for babies and toddlers. Its small size is also perfect for little hands. The only thing that is a little weird to me is it starts by saying, “Easter is an important time of year for most Christians.” Is it not an important time for all Christians? 

How Kind by Mary Murphy

How Kind! Book cover

While not an official “Easter Book,” this is a sweet book about many animals who show each other kindness. It ends with a baby chick being born. It is a perfect addition to your child’s Easter basket because it can be read beyond the Easter season.

Bunny Finds Easter by Laura Sassi

Bunny finds easter cover

This is one of our favorites! It is a sweet story about a family of little bunnies on Easter Sunday discovering the true importance of Easter! 

God Gave Us Easter by Lisa tawn Bergren

God gave us easter book cover

This one is long and a little advanced for a board book, but it tells the story of a bear family and how the bear kids learn the importance of Easter. 

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The tale of peter rabbit cover

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is based on the tale by Beatrix Potter. While not an official Easter book, this book is excellent for young children, and it is my oldest daughter’s absolute favorite book. It tells the classic tale of Peter Rabbit in simple sentences and is a great little book for little readers.

What is Easter? By Michelle Medlock Adams

What is Easter? Book cover.

A wonderful story that talks about modern day Easter traditions and ends with the story behind the real reason we celebrate Easter. Has very cute illustrations.

Illustrated Easter Picture Books for Babies and Toddlers

The Easter Bunny’s Helpers by Anne Mangan

The easter bunny's helpers book cover

This book has cute illustrations about all the animals who want to help the Easter bunny and work together to make light work of painting and hiding all the eggs at Easter time. 

Who hid the Easter Eggs? By Pirkko Vainio

who hid the easter eggs? book cover

A cute story about a Squirrel who helps avoid an Easter egg hunt disaster.  

Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter by Wendi Silvano

Turkey's eggcellent Easter book cover

This is the funniest book on this list. It’s about a Turkey and some farm animals who plan many secret missions to try and find a special Easter Egg at a children’s Easter egg hunt. It has bright illustrations and is great for young kids during the Easter season.

Bunny’s BIG Surprise by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes

Bunny's BIG Surprise book cover

This is a story about a Bunny who finds an egg, and there is a surprising twist on what animal comes out when it hatches!

An Easter Egg Hunt for JESUS by Susan Jones

An Easter egg hunt for Jesus cover

The story of several critters going on an Easter egg hunt to find an egg with a special meaning behind it. 

Easter Books for Older Toddlers

If you have an older or more advanced toddler, here are two more books with beautiful illustrations and great storylines that’ll make great additions to your book collection.

The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross Storybook

Garden. Curtain, Cross Book Cover

This book tells the true story of Easter through beautiful spring colors starting in the garden.

The Donkey who Carried a King

The Donkey Who Carried a King Cover

This book tells the Easter story through the eyes of a donkey who ends up carrying Jesus on Palm Sunday.

Honorable Mention – Passover Book 

Matzah Belowstairs by Susan Lynn Meyer

Matzah Belowstairs Book Cover

While we are not Jewish, I like this book to introduce my girls to Passover. It is a cute story about a mouse family that lives under the floorboards of a house belonging to a Jewish family celebrating Passover. 

Easter Books for Babies and Toddlers that are just Okay… 

These are okay Easter books. We didn’t love them, and I would probably not check them out again, but others may like them. We all have different preferences and standards when it comes to reading books, which is okay. 

Easter Books for Babies and Toddlers I would NOT Recommend

I love recommended book lists, but I also like knowing which books to avoid. So after checking out every, and I mean every, Easter book at my library, here are the ones I would recommend passing on and a brief note why. Some of these are okay books. But there are so many better books out there, that I would rather be intentional in the books I read to my kids. 

Do you have a favorite Easter book not on this list? Share them with other moms in the comment section below! Many more books are out there, and I hope to add to this post as we discover more children’s books.

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Happy Reading!

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