Family Valentines Day Ideas: What I’m Doing with My Family!

I was raised in a home where every holiday was an opportunity to celebrate. My mom would always decorate our home, curate crafts, get books from the library, and make each holiday special (often while spending very little money). Valentine’s Day was no different, and I have the best memories of coming downstairs to special valentines dishes, Starbucks frappuccinos, candy hearts, a small box of chocolate from my dad, and a small gift ranging from a piece of clothing to a scrapbook. 

Now that I am a mom I wanted to find fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my girls. From finding fun items at the Dollar Tree and Target’s dollar section to curating cute outfits they can wear for more than just the first two weeks of February (post coming soon). Feel free to come along with me this year and hopefully you are inspired to celebrate in your own special way too. 

The items in this post are affiliate links. You don’t get charged any extra, but my family receives a small commission when you shop via one of my affiliate links & we are grateful for your support! 

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Daughters

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Daughters

For my oldest daughter’s Valentine’s Day gift, I plan to give her this Manhattan Toy Company Wood Camera. She is almost two and a half and LOVES pretending to take photos using whatever she can find. It doesn’t matter if it is a toy Ketchup bottle or a plate.

I will also make a Dutch Baby, fruit smoothies (a special treat we never do—does anyone else hate cleaning the blender?), and sausage. My husband plans to get her a small box of chocolate and I got her a lollipop. 

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Daughters

For my baby girl’s Valentine’s Day gift, I got this Plan Toys Wood Phone which is currently showing out of stock, so here is the other one I considered. I just like that the first one does not make any noise! I love the simplicity of it and think she will like it. She will get to enjoy the yummy food this year, but no sweets for the baby, she’ll probably have to enjoy some fruit instead.

Valentine’s Day Decor for Your House

Family valentine's day decor ideas

The weekend before Valentine’s Day, we will paint these hearts and hang them as garland in our dining room.

I also LOVE having fresh-cut flowers in the house, so I plan to cut some from the garden and bring them inside.

Finally, I’m planning on cutting hearts out of construction paper and writing things I love about each one of my girls on them. I’ll put them on their bedroom door and the dining room table for when they wake up on Valentine’s Day (even though they can’t read yet…). It’s the thought that counts, right? On second thought, maybe I’ll just write the alphabet on them instead.

Best Valentine’s Books for Toddlers

Best Valentine’s Books for Toddlers

Little Blue Truck’s Valentine is one of our favorites, but we also like Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George, and Llama, llama I love You.

What are your favorite Valentine’s kids’ books? I was late to the game reserving more books at the library, but don’t worry, I beat everyone to the Easter books! I will have a full list on the blog in a few weeks.  

Valentine’s Day Outfits Ideas for Baby Girls that can be worn beyond Valentine’s Day

As someone who aspires to be a minimalist, something else I love to do for holidays is getting creative with the outfits I already have and making them festive.

If I need clothes for my kids, I try and find versatile outfits that can be festive in the season but also can be worn beyond that. That way, I can be intentional with my money and a minimalist by not adding more clutter to my life. Below are some ideas for baby girl outfits that can be worn on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Side note, Amazon can be hit and miss, so I tried to only add reputable brands or things I already own and love, like Bird Rock shoes!  You might be surprised what you will be able to come up with using what you already have. 

Little Love  |  Strawberry Sleeper | Rufflebutts Romper | Pink SweaterMuslin DressEmbroidered Romper | Cherry Romper | Knit Jumpsuit  | Dot two Piece Set  | Birdrock Heart Shoes (Several Color options) | Red Sweater JumpsuitWhite Tights | Red/White Bow | Velvet Bows

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