Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Everything you need to know about the BABY DEALS!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! I am sharing all things baby and toddler throughout the sale on Instagram and LTK, and here are all of my favorites from the sale and a brief review of each item! Strollers and baby gear are my thing, so it’s exciting to be able to share these great deals with you!

The items in this post are affiliate links. You don’t get charged any extra, but my family receives a small commission when you shop via one of my affiliate links & we are grateful for your support! 

Travel Stroller Deals

Nordstrom travel Stroller Deals Bugaboo butterfly, babyzen yoyo2

Let’s start out with travel strollers! I get the most questions about travel strollers on my Instagram, so here are some of my favorites that will be included in the sale and why I like them. I predicted some of these will be the first to go (looking at you Bugaboo Butterfly). Be sure to check out my LTK and click the heart to get a restock notification on any product is currently out of stock. It is not uncommon for products to get restocked during the sale!

Silver Cross Jet 5

Sale Price: $351.99

Original Price: $469.99

This a brand new stroller and I’m shocked it is included in this sale!

My favorite feature of this stroller is the full flat recline (super rare in travel strollers), making it great from birth. The biggest downside of this stroller is that the basket can only be accessed from the front (you get use to it). It is made with high quality materials and is a great option for many families.

TRVL™ LX + PIPA™ urbn Stroller & Car Seat Travel System

Sale Price: $699.99

Original Price: $950.00

Parents have been asking if the Nuna TRVL will be included in this year’s Nordstrom sale. Yes, it will be included, however it will only be sold as a travel system with the PIPA URBN car seat. 

This system is best for families on the go who are either expecting their first or have large age gaps between children and live a city lifestyle. The PIPA URBN is a baseless car seat that has a latch system built into the car seat itself. This makes it a great option for families who frequently change cars or use ride sharing. I actually review this car seat in my NUNA TRIV review found here

The Nuna TRVL has always been a great option for everyday use and the TRVL LX meets that even more with the bigger tires.


Sale Price: $224.99

Original Price: $299.95

I have not reviewed this one yet and I’ve only played with it a little. It has a very compact fold which is its main selling point! I talked to a mom recently who has it and she said it does a great job meeting a need. It’s not anything fancy and she said she did not need it to be more than that, she just really needed an ultra-compact stroller. I just reviewed the Cybex Orfeo and am super impressed with the quality of Cybex strollers! 


Sale Price: $373.99

Original Price: $499

This has to be one of my favorite travel stroller. The quality and features are incredible and it is one of the best options for families that fly regularly. For the Nordstrom sale it comes in a unique print that parents will either love or pass on… Let’s just say it’s polarizing. What do you think? (I also have a few comparisons of it to other popular travel strollers). 

Babyzen Yoyo2 

Sale Price: $392.99

Original Price: $524

While this is not my favorite travel stroller anymore due to its deep seat recline even in the most upright position and cumbersome fold, people still swear by it. It’s a popular option made with high-quality materials that I think is worth highlighting.

Bugaboo Butterfly

Sale Price: $497.99

Original Price: $637.80

I may have saved the best for last? This is one of the most popular travel strollers around right now and this bundle includes all the accessories: The bumper bar, travel bag, and parent cup holder. OKAY! Oh and it’s even a great color.

Before I move on to the other baby gear that will be on the sale let’s talk shopping tips!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping Tips

How long can I shop the sale?

Sale ends August 4th!

Full Size, Jogging, and Double Stroller Deals

Strollers and wagons included in the Nordstrom anniversary sale

UPPAbaby Vista V2

Sale Price: $749.99

Original Price: $999.99

The Vista is always a top seller and this years color is perfect for the beige moms. 😉 I have a full review of the Vista V2 here

Cybex Gazelle S

Sale Price: $599.99

Original Price: $799.00

I have been wanting to test this stroller because it’s fold as a single-to-double has caught my eye. It’s one of the most compact single-to-double options and with the Cybex quality…It is a great option for first time families! 

Baby Jogger City Mini Air

Sale Price: $319.99

Original Price: $429.99

I got to play with this stroller recently at the ABC Kids Expo and was impressed. It’s a great option for first time parents. The biggest thing to keep in mind is the seat does not parent face and it’s only compatible with Baby Jogger and Graco car seats. 

Thule Urban Glide 3 with Accessory Bundle

Sale Price: $524.99

Original Price: $699.90

This is one of my favorite jogging strollers! I love that it works with a bassinet and can be used from birth. It was just updated this year (here is my review of the Thule Urban Glide 2), but does still have a decent seat recline. 

Thule Glide 4-Wheel All-Terrain Stroller

Sale Price: $562.99

Original Price: $749.90

This is a new stroller in the Thule line up and is more of an everyday all-terrain option. It is a big stroller but it’s a great premium option that’s not lacking in features. 

Urban Glide 3 Double All-Terrain Stroller Bundle

Sale Price: $949.85

Original Price: $949.85

This is one of my favorite double and all-terrain options! I have a review of the Urban Glide 2 and it’s my husband’s favorite stroller. He occasionally runs with my older two and we use this on dirt trails frequently and it handles them like a pro. The biggest downside for me is how big and heavy it is when folded. 

Veer Cruiser 2-Seater All-Terrain Crossover Wagon Bundle

Sale Price: $611.99

Original Price: $817

This is going to go fast so I would highly recommend favoriting it on LTK to get the restock notification and adding it to your wish list. Veer makes great quality wagons! 

Silver Cross Reef 2 Stroller

Sale Price: $749.99

Original Price: $999.99

This is a great option for expecting parents who want a luxe, full feature stroller. The seat folds both ways and is new born compatible! The matching bassinet is also included in the sale!

Maxi- Cosi Tayla Max Modular Stroller

Sale Price: $336.99

Original Price: $449.99

I did not originally include this because I have not tried it nor know anyone who has it. However, after getting a several DM’s on it, I have heard it is a good budget friendly option with a seat that turns into a bassinet! I also love the Maxi-Cosi car seats that are included in the sale.

Car Seats Deals

car seats included in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale

Nuna Rava 

Sale Price: $399.99

Original Price: $550 

This is the car seat that I have gotten from this sale twice now! It is such great quality and will last you years. I am still using the first one I bought with my 4 year old. I have a review of it here. I have the gray color for my first and while it does show stains it’s not hard to clean (I have a cleaning video here). This is one of the best car seats you can buy thanks to the quality materials and easy install.

Nuna Pipa RX 

Sale Price: $335.99

Original Price: $450

I love this car seat. The base is so nice and easy to install. The canopy is AMAZING and I love the buckle holders. One other reason to consider Nuna products is that they’re all free from toxic chemical flame retardants. You will never regret getting this car seat. I also have a cleaning video for it here.

Baby Jogger City Turn 

Sale Price: $399.99

Original Price: $549.99

Rotating car seats are all the rage and make it easier for parents to keep their toddler rear facing for longer. This may be a better option than the Nuna REVV because you can use it longer! 

Cybex Cloud G 

Sale Price: $355.99

Original Price: $479.95

While heavy, I love that this car seat has a recline feature. Not many car seats in the US have this yet, but it is popular in Europe. 


Sale Price: $411.99

Original Price: $559

I love this color of the Doona that is included in the sale. I have a full review of the Doona here and a comparison to the Evenflo Shyft here. This is one of the MOST popular baby items and it went quick. Go to my LTK and heart the Doona to get restock notification. I am not sure if this one will be restocked because it went even before the sale went live for those with the Nordstrom Credit Card, but it’s worth a try.

Maxi Cosi Peri 180 

Sale Price: $335.99

Original Price: $449

A rotating infant car seat? This one has caught my eye and may be one I review soon! 

Maxi Cosi Emme 360 

Sale Price: $336.99

Original Price: $449.99

This is a another great rotating option included in the sale! 

Baby Gear Deals

Baby gear on sale during the Nordstrom anniversary sale including stokke, veer, Maxi Cosi

Sokke Tripp Trapp High chair 

Sale Price: $298.99

Original Price: $399

I have two of these and I love them! Here is my video review

Veer Tent

Sale Price: $140.99

Original Price: $189.00

This is a great product for families who go to kids sports games or vacation at the beach! Veer also has the “Family Basecamp Pop-Up Tent” on sale for $283.99

Baby Bjorn Bouncer 

Sale Price: $220.99

Original Price: $294.97

This is one of my TOP baby products and the fact that it includes a storage bag and toy bar in the sale makes it even better. A bouncer helps babies who are gassy as well as being a safe play to put them when you need to be hands free for a few minutes. It also stores very small. I keep mine under my bed when my baby has outgrown it so I can quickly grab it when friends with babies come over. Nothing blesses a mom more then having a safe place to set her baby!

Stokke BedBox Carry-On

Sale Price: $170.99

Original Price: $229

I have not used this, but we are planning a trip to Europe next year and I see this being very valuable! It turns an airplane seat into a bed for your little one.  It has some other features as well, but that is the primary one. 

Maxi-Cosi Baby Gear 

I have the Maxi-Cosi swing and LOVE IT! It’s my favorite of the ones I have tried. I have not used any of the other products included, but they are great options with a nice aesthetic. 

Playyard is on sale for $205

Bassinet is on sale for $201.99

Swing is on sale for $149.99

High Chair is on sale for $134.99

Kori Rocker is on sale of $104.99 

What else is included in the sale?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is known for have great deals on fall fashion and beauty! This is not my area of expertise but, expect to see all things baby and toddler. Here are my favorite non-baby items!

If you are not already, follow me on Instagram @the_stroller_mom and turn on story notifications to get notified on sales! I will also be sharing Prime, Target, and Walmart sales this month. It’s a great time to buy baby gear! 🙂 

For restock notifications, go to my LTK here and heart the products you are hoping to get. If they sell out before you are able to buy, you will get notified.

I hope this was helpful and you get the deal(s) you are looking for! 

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