Nuna TRVL Double vs. Zoe Twin V2: Which is better for your family?

Were you ready to buy the Zoe Twin V2 but then stopped when you saw the coming release of the new Nuna TRVL DUBL? I mean, a Nuna side-by-side double stroller with a killer fold? I don’t blame you because that fold will turn heads.

In many ways, these strollers are very similar…both are side-by-side doubles, work with one car seat, have spacious baskets, and are lightweight. With similar functionalities and distinct features, deciding between the two can be challenging. So, let’s break down their differences to help you decide which is best for your family.

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Prefer to watch?

If you want more information or prefer a video, please check out my full reviews of both strollers.

How much does each cost, and what do you get?

Starting with price, this is one of the most significant deciding factors because there is a $321 price difference. Ouch! However, many parents are willing to spend more if it improves their lives. So let’s see what you get for that price:

Nuna TRVL DUBL: Priced at $850, it comes with a rain cover.

Zoe Twin V2: Priced at $529, it includes a parent cup holder, two kid cup holders, and a snack cup.

Both strollers include a bumper bar, adjustable footrests for both children and two independent seats and canopies.

Can I use the stroller with my newborn?

Nuna TRVL DUBL Bassinet Mode with 4 month old baby

Both strollers are suitable for infants starting at around 3 to 4 months and from birth with an infant car seat. Neither of these strollers will take a bassinet, though the Nuna does have a bassinet mode where the footrest comes in, like the picture above.  The Nuna TRVL DUBL is compatible with all NUNA PIPA car seats without the need for adapters. At the same time, the Zoe Twin V2 requires adapters but is compatible with various car seat brands (Nuna, Maxi Cosi, Cybex, Clek, Graco, Chicco, etc.), which can be purchased additionally for $40.

Zoe Twin V2 with Toddler and baby in infant car seat

How much does it weigh? Will it fit through doors?

The Nuna TRVL DUBL weighs 25.2 lbs, slightly heavier than the Zoe Twin V2’s 23 lbs. In terms of width, the Zoe Twin V2 is marginally narrower at 30 inches compared to the Nuna TRVL DUBL’s 31 inches. Both strollers are Disney-approved and fit through any standard ADA door.

Nuna TRVL DUBL Seats

I want to call attention to the fact that the Nuna TRVL DUBL has two seats of different sizes, while the Zoe twins’ seats are the same size. I could see this as a deal breaker for some parents.

What are the other differences I should be aware of?

Basket Capacity

The Nuna TRVL DUBL boasts a larger basket capacity of 22 lbs, while the Zoe Twin V2 can hold up to 10 lbs. They are about the same size, but Nuna has the better basket overall.

Brake System

Nuna TRVL DUBL offers a tap brake that is flip-flop friendly, although it’s more prone to breaking (based on other parents who have and the Nuna TRVL and TRVL LX’s reviews). Zoe Twin V2 features a bar brake across the bottom of the stroller. It is durable but can be inadvertently kicked by parents, and it is not always easy to get up and down with flip-flops. It does okay, however.


Both strollers have decent handlebar heights, but the Zoe Twin V2 is slightly better with its adjustable handlebar. Annoyingly, like the Nuna TRVL and Nuna TRVL LX, the canopies rest on your hands when not extended


Both strollers have independent canopies, but the Zoe Twin V2 offers better coverage and a peek-a-boo window that stays open. The Nuna TRVL DUBL has the same canopy as the new Nuna TRVL LX, which is also nice, but Zoe’s canopy is fantastic!

Nuna TRVL DUBL Canopy

Fold Mechanism

Nuna TRVL DUBL has a standout feature with its easy fold, while the Zoe Twin V2’s fold is still easy but doesn’t stand up on its own. But is a fold worth $321? Only you can answer that! 🙂

Bumper Bar

Nuna TRVL DUBL has one bumper bar, whereas the Zoe Twin V2’s design allows each child to be taken out individually. I also like that the Twin includes a snack and drink cup for your toddler, which is excellent when you have toddlers who want to get in and out all the time, or if you are using the car seat adapter, you will still have a cup holder for your child. This is not the case with the new Silver Cross Double or the popular Joovy Kooper RS2. Those both leave the toddler without a cup holder when using car seat adapters.

Nuna TRVL DUBL Bumper Bar

Nuna’s bumper bar is one big bar, which means that if you are using the car seat adapter, you will have to lift your child out because you won’t be able to open it without removing your baby.


Both strollers feature 5-point harnesses, but Nuna TRVL DUBL’s magnetic buckles and no-rethread adjustment make it easier to use.


Zoe Twin V2 has better accessory options, like a snack tray and a parent organizer. I asked Nuna if they would make a parent organizer or snack tray, and they do not plan to. I have a universal snack tray I like here that does work on the Nuna bumper bar.

One annoying thing to note: Zoe does not fit through standard doorways with its parent cup holder attached, and I am willing to bet it is the same for Nuna (especially since it is an inch wider). That is why I love a parent organizer (thank you, Zoe)!

Which double stroller has the better push?

This is probably one of the most important questions. Deciding which stroller has a better push is hard since I only got to play with the Nuna TRVL DUBL in a convention center with a 4-month-old, but I imagine the Nuna would be slightly better for a $300+ price difference. I will need to test the Nuna when it comes out, but I am still determining how much better it will be to justify the $300+ price difference between them.

So, which one is right for my family?

Ultimately, choosing between the Zoe Twin V2 and the Nuna TRVL DUBL comes down to budget, features, and, for many of us, the look.

If you prioritize affordability, additional accessories (snack tray and the parent organizer are AMAZING), and slightly lighter weight, the Zoe Twin V2 will be the better option. And let me tell you, you won’t regret it. I have LOVED my Zoe Twin V2. It works so well for my family in our car-to-store lifestyle. Even on walks around the block, I have had few issues pushing it though it has gotten better since I got the all terrain wheels. Do I wish it had a little bit smoother push? Yes, but that is a trade-off for a more affordable price point and all the other features. Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect stroller.

However, if you value seamless compatibility with the Pipa Car Seat, a larger basket capacity, a sleek look, and an AMAZING fold, the Nuna TRVL DUBL could be worth the investment.

I hope this post helped you weigh all the similarities and differences between the Nuna TRVL DUBL and the Zoe Twin V2. Please remember to shop (and save on the Zoe Twin) through the links above and comment below if you have any questions.

Do you just want the stats? Here you go!


What’s included

  • Nuna – Stroller and rain cover
  • Zoe – Stroller, parent cup holder, two kid cup holders, and snack cup

Infant compatibility

  • Both – 3 months + and Newborn with car seat
  • Nuna – PIPA car seats only (no adapters needed)
  • Zoe—Adapters for either Graco/Chicco or Nuna, Cybex, Clek, or Maxi Cosi are available for an additional $40.


  • Nuna – 25.2 lbs
  • Zoe – 23 lbs


  • Nuna – 31 inches *seats are different sizes
  • Zoe – 30 Inches * Seats are the same size and just a little taller
  • Both fit through standard doorways and are Disney-approved. Both work with one car seat only.

Basket Capacity

  • Nuna – 22 lbs
  • Zoe – 10 lbs (tested – may be able to hold a little more)


  • Nuna – Easier to use but more prone to wear and tear
  • Zoe – A bar that runs across the bottom, which will hold up well, but parents can kick sometimes.


  • Both independent
  • Nuna – Vents on the side
  • Zoe – Better coverage and the peek-a-boo window stays open


  • Nuna – Best Feature <3
  • Zoe – Still easy, just does not stand up on its own

Bumper bar

  • Nuna – One bumper bar that doubles as the car seat adapter on the wider seat.
  • Zoe – Better design because you can get each child out on their own, but you have to use the snack cup or child cup holder when using the car seat adapter.


  • Both have a 5 point harness
  • Nuna – Magnetic and no-rethread make it easier to adjust the seat
  • Zoe – Easy traditional click buckle

Better accessories

ZOE (snack tray, parent organizer, etc.)


It’s hard to say. You would hope that for $300 more, the Nuna would be better, but it’s hard to know how much better at this point.

Any other questions? Please leave them below.

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3 thoughts on “Nuna TRVL Double vs. Zoe Twin V2: Which is better for your family?”

  1. I’m curious about the seat height and angle. So many travel strollers don’t have an upright seat and my toddler is constantly pulling himself forward on the belly bar to sit upright. I’d also love to know these details for the Silver Cross Jet double since we have the single and the angle of the seat is one of my biggest gripes. So much so that we opt to travel with our Nuna Triv instead because it folds easily and sits upright. I’m in desperate need of a double with a 3 and 1 year old and hope the Jet or Nuna comes through for me!

  2. Thank you so much for this, it’s my exact dilemma! I have a 99th percentile two year old. What is the height from seat to canopy of both strollers?

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