Austlen Entourage Stroller Review: Worth the Investment?

Austlen Entourage at a soccer game.

Is the Austlen Entourage Stroller worth it?

If there was ever a stroller that could truly do it all, it might be this one. This stroller has many configurations and accessories, making it a good option for almost every family. Plus its durable frame can hold up to 150lbs!

The stroller is very unique with its expanding frame, which allows this stroller to grow with your family and adds extra space if needed or can close up to be a more compact stroller in single mode. I have only seen one other stroller like this (Bugaboo Donkey), but I would not put these strollers in the same category because the Entourage was made to carry heavy loads.

AND if that sounds a little too good to be true, I understand because I was a little skeptical initially. I am someone who tries to be a minimalist, and at first glance, the Entourage seemed to be the opposite of that. 

For example, I recently posted on my Instagram how Sit-and-Stand Strollers were not even on my radar (mainly because there are not many Sit+ Stand high-end/quality strollers out there) when I was pregnant with my second. But this stroller has changed my life as well as my almost 3-year-olds… 🙂 

I have been using this stroller almost exclusively for a few months now, and I can’t wait to share my honest feedback as a mom of two very close-in-age littles. I have taken it to soccer games (as seen above), the park, the zoo, walks around the block, Costco, you name it. The only place I have not gotten to take it yet is an airport and the beach, but more on that later! 

In this post, I share everything you need to know about this stroller.

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What is my favorite feature of this stroller?

Sit and Stand Stroller

My favorite part has to be a toss-up between quality and adaptability! 

This stroller is well made and has so many options depending on your life season. 

  • Have twins in car seats? No problem. They sell adapters for both seats.
  • Have a toddler who loves to stand but still needs to sit occasionally? They have you covered. 
  • Are you a soccer, football, or basketball parent who needs to haul lawn chairs, sports equipment, and a child? They have you covered. 

Did I mention the front seat turns into a bassinet?! You rarely see that on strollers (clearly designed by a mom). So with that, let’s dive into the features. 

Austlen Entourage Things to Know

Austlen Entourage Price

The Austlen Entourage sells a few different configurations depending on the stage of life you are in. Note: This is an expensive stroller, and honestly, that is the main thing working against it, but after you use it, you’ll understand. The quality and versatility will not disappoint! 

You have three different options when you purchase

  1. Entourage Single Stroller: The Entourage as a single stroller is priced at $1,098.99. This comes with the front seat, market basket, and lower basket. This is the same stroller as the other options, without the additional accessories, so you can easily add them as your family grows. 
  2. Entourage Double Stroller: Next is the Entourage Double Stroller, priced at $1299.99, and this includes everything in the first option plus the second seat that makes it a double.
  3. Entourage Sit+Stand Bundle: Finally, there is the Sit+Stand Bundle at $1369.99 (my favorite option). This version includes a foldable seat (with built-in cup holders), a standing board to make it a sit + stand option for your second child, and everything in the single stroller option. 

Here is the graphic they show on their website that breaks it all down: 

A Quick Review of a Few Austlen Entourage Stroller Accessories 

One of the best things about the Austlen Entourage is the available accessories. This stroller is highly versatile with numerous accessories and configurations, making it seem an almost one-size-fits-all option. However, with the addition of all of the accessories, the price increases. You could own two or even three strollers for the same price, but there is something special about a one-and-done stroller. 

Here are a few nice-to-have accessories:

  • I love the sit-and-stand accessory for older children.
  • The car seat adapter is excellent for infants.
  • The second seat is nice, depending on your season of life.
  • The cargo bag for the soccer mom or dad is a unique accessory that I think you’d benefit from.
  • I recommend the beach wheels if you travel to a beach frequently. It makes the stroller like a wagon (but better!)
  • And most importantly, the seat liners. They are super nice and make the stroller more aesthetically pleasing.

Here are two MUST-HAVE accessories:

  • The attachable cup holder 
  • The snack tray to keep your children fed and contained!

Austlen Entourage Features

The Handlebar

Austlen Entourage adjustable handlebar

Working from the top, the adjustable handlebar is a good height. The vegan leather it’s made of feels good and will hold up well over time. It also includes a safety strap to keep the stroller from running loose with your little ones. For the sit-and-stand version, it’s super easy for my child to climb under the handle! It also has an adjustable market tote, making it the perfect stroller for farmers’ markets and other outings where you have many things to carry. 

The Hood and Canopy

Austlen Entourage canopy

The large sun canopy (UPF50+) provides nice coverage and has a small extension that can tuck underneath if it’s not in use. It also has a large mesh peek-a-boo window that is magnetic. If you watch any of my videos or read my blogs frequently, you’ll often hear me comment on the peek-a-boo window. This is because I think that is an essential feature we look for as moms. 

I have been pleased with the Entourage’s peek-a-boo window. I LOVE the size. I love that it’s magnetic. And I love that it’s mesh for added airflow. The one minor drawback is it doesn’t have a way of staying open on windy days.

The Seat(‘s), Buckles, and Leg Rest

The primary seat on this stroller is a dream, though I do wish it could face toward you when used as a single stroller. I think it doesn’t because of the compact fold, which I’d rather have anyway!

This stroller is excellent to use starting from birth, thanks to the bassinet feature and full flat recline. On top of that, the seat also sits nicely in an upright position. Many strollers are too reclined, even in the highest upright position, but this is not one of them. The back of the seat even has another nice mesh window for added airflow when reclined.

I also am thrilled with the second seat making it a double stroller and love how compact it folds with the seat attched (not something seen with many other convertible strollers). It does not have the same height and weight capacity as the first seat, however, it is sufficient for the needs of most families. 

The buckles get the job done with no complaints (trust me, this is a complaint I often have with strollers). It does not have a no rethread harness, but I find this is not as necessary on double strollers since each child usually has a designated seat. Please excuse the mess in the image below…I need to clean it, but it also shows that we really have put this stroller to the test. 🙂

The footrest is a dream! We all know how dirty kids can be, especially their shoes. Thankfully, this stroller’s footrest can be easily cleaned because of the thick rubber-like material it’s made from. I have never seen this on a stroller before!

The little things and attention to detail make this stroller impressive. It was clearly made by a mom who’s been there!

The Storage 

The storage of this stroller is where soccer mom dreams come true! It has a huge storage basket holding up to (35 lbs) and can fit a ton of stuff on the frame. From beach chairs to a cooler to a large diaper bag, this stroller was made to haul. 

The main seat moves forward, making room for just about anything. Or you can add the Cargo bag accessory and transport sports equipment. I often take my kids to watch my husband’s soccer games and have always struggled to fit it all in my Mockingbird Stroller. But now I have put my Entourage to the test, and it passed with flying colors (as pictured above)!

The Stroller Weight & Fold 

The Entourage folded

The stroller weighs 34 pounds as a single unit, which is heavier than most other strollers in the category. However, I have found that it is pretty easy to lift into my car with their wheel trick. Plus, becuase of its compact fold it will fit in most trunks easily. It also has a standing fold:

Entourage Standing Fold

While the stroller is heavier than many single to double options like the Uppababy Vista or Mockingbird, it has a more compact fold and will fit easily in most trunks due to its unique fold. Here is a side-by-side photo next to my Mockingbird Stroller with two seats attached to both strollers. 

Mockingbird Double Stroller VS The Entourage Double Stroller folded

The Brake

The brake is easy to use and is what I consider “flip-flop friendly,” meaning you won’t hurt the top of your foot when using it. I have heard many moms complain about rider boards attached to most traditional convertible strollers and how they have difficulty accessing the brake and walking behind the stroller, but that is the beauty of a sit and stand instead. My husband and I can easily push this stroller with the sit and stand feature and always access the brake.  

The Push 

The push is similar to stroller wagons and is significantly easier to push in the double mode than most single to double strollers. It does reasonably well on rough terrain, but I can see why they sell separate wheels for the beach because I got stuck in some sand at a soccer game recently. I will be traveling with this stroller during the summer and may be putting the beach wheels and luggage hauling capabilities to the test. Based on what I have already experienced, I am confident it will do well.

Car Seat Compatibility

Using the car seat adapters (available for both the front seat and the rear frame), the Austlen Entourage is compatible with popular infant car seat brands. Here’s a list of the infant car seats it’s compatible with: 

Front and Lower Frame Adapters: 

  • Chicco Infant Car Seats
  • Britax Infant Car Seats
  • Peg Perego Infant Car Seats
  • Maxi-Cosi/Cybex/Nuna Infant Car Seats

Lower Frame Adapters Only: 

  • Uppababy Infant Car Seats
  • Graco Infant Car Seats
  • Baby Jogger Infant Car Seats

The adapters are super easy to pop on and off. They’re especially great for the top frame when you’ve got two kids – your oldest can stay in the front seat until they’re big enough to move to the jump seat or platform rider. It’s a pretty neat setup.

Who is the Austlen Stroller Best for?

While this stroller can grow with your child from birth, I think it is at its peak when you can use it as a double due to its size and weight. As said before, the sit-and-stand configuration of this stroller is unique, and its ability to haul will be a game changer for many families. Any family with little ones heavily involved in sports would love this stroller. 

Who should not get this Stroller? 

If you are are only going to have one kid, are looking for a lightweight stroller, or have significant age gaps and are not a sports mom that needs extra cargo space, this is probably not the stroller for you.

The Wrap-Up

This stroller can do almost anything and has quickly become my go-to for this season of our lives. The sit-and-stand feature truly is one of my favorite features of this stroller (hello, independent toddler)! It is also my kid’s and my mother-in-law’s favorite stroller we own (and we own a lot of strollers). So if you are a parent who asks a lot from your stroller, the Austlen Entourage is the stroller for you! 

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