How to Wash the Nuna PIPA Car Seat Step-By-Step (Photos)

I remember when the Nuna PIPA arrived, one of the first things I did was Googled how to wash the Nuna PIPA car seat.

Washing the Nuna PIPA infant car seat is surprisingly easy, and once you do it one time, you will be surprised at how easy it is in the future. Ready to dive in?

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Prefer video? Here’s a video of me cleaning the Nuna PIPA Car Seat:

I have the Nuna PIPA RX car seat with a RELX base and have used it for both of my children (I love the lightweight design!). This infant seat has held up incredibly well and, with regular care, still looks like the day I bought it. 

Having a baby comes with lots of surprises, and sadly the car seat is where many of the surprises you would love to forget happened. So whether you have a happy spitter or your first child’s car seat blowout, keep reading to see how cleaning your Nuna PIPA seat can be a painless experience.

Before we start, I will say it’s rare that I had to wash all the soft goods for the car seat. You can get by washing those and the strap covers in the early days when your baby is still using the infant insert. But you will need to remove the full cover every time a blowout happens. 

I should also add that most of these instructions apply to almost all of the Nuna lineup (PIPA, PIPA RX, PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite R, Nuna PIPA Lite LX, PIPA Lite RX, and PIPA urbn). However, always consult your manual and the tag on the covers to be sure. 

You might be asking if you should machine wash your Nuna PIPA Car Seat before using it? The answer is yes. If you are expecting and just got your infant car seat, I recommend washing it before bringing your baby home from the hospital or birthing center.

Nuna is GreenGuard certified and is free of flame retardants. So if you did not wash it before putting your newborn in it, DO NOT STRESS. Just know it is best practice to clean all baby-related items before using them with your baby. 

Step One: How to Disassemble the Nuna PIPA Car Seat

Start by removing the infant insert. This is very easy to do. The head support has a velcro strap, as seen below. And the lower insert just slides out through the crotch buckle. 

Nuna PIPA Tag

Then remove the shoulder straps by undoing the two snaps on each one. 

Remove shoulder straps

The lower crotch buckle cover has a small tab fed through the buckle. Feed through the underside of the buckle. It is a little confusing to figure out at first, but I am thankful it is there. My Nuna Rava car seat does not have this, and the buckle cover falls off regularly, so the pain of figuring it out the first time is worth it! 

Remove crotch buckle padding
Remove crotch buckle padding 2

Starting from the bottom, pull out the plastic that is tucked under the bottom of the car seat. Repeat the same for the top. You will also want to remove the velcro from the canopy. 

Pull out plastic tucked under the bottom of the nuna pipa car seat
Pull out plastic tucked under the bottom of the nuna pipa car seat continued

Start to pull up, and you will then need to stretch the fabric around the release button for the straps. This might be a little tight the first time you do it. 

Stretch fabric around release button

Feed the bottom buckle strap through and work your way up to release two more plastic clips, and the canopy snap on both sides. 

Turn your car seat over and unhook the top of the straps from the metal claw.

unhook straps from metal claw

Then feed the top straps through. 

feed top straps through

Now for what I found to be the most challenging part when I first washed my Nuna car seat… The release buttons by the hood. You will need to stretch the fabric over each of these buttons. It takes a fair amount of pulling and tugging. 

Stretching fabric over the nuna pipa release buttons

Finally, feed the metal buckle and plastic chest clip through the bottom hole for the main cover. You will need to turn the plastic buckle vertically for it to fit. 

Feed metal buckle and chest buckle through bottom hole
Showing the buckle through the hole

Additionally, If you want to wash the canopy, simply press the small plastic button at the bottom of the hood on both sides and pull out. Then the fabric easily slides off the frame and can be washed with the other stroller fabrics. 

How to release the nuna pipa canopy

Step Two: Washing the Nuna PIPA Car Seat

Now that you have the fabrics off, you can load them in your washer. Nuna manufacturers instructions website recommends washing the Nuna Pipa car seat on a delicate cycle with a mild detergent and advises against dry cleaning any Nuna products. I personally recommend washing the fabrics with Molly’s Suds or Branch Basics. Surprisingly, “Baby” branded laundry detergents are usually not the safest for you or your baby.

Nuna pipa cover in wash machine

Wash the fabrics on the delicate cycle with cold water. Once the cycle is complete, allow all fabrics to air dry on a drying rack, or if you do not have a drying rack, you can use kitchen chairs. I will usually allow the car seat fabrics to dry overnight before putting the car seat back together. 

Nuna pipa covers on drying rack

Step Three: Cleaning the Car Seat Shell and Harness Straps

For the car seat itself (including the car seat’s harness straps and buckles), you can wash it with a damp cloth. If you need help, I recommend Branch Basics all-purpose cleaner, paper towels, or a microfiber cloth. If you are cleaning this car seat with an older baby and there are snacks or dirt, a handheld vacuum like this Shark handheld is very effective at getting crumbs. I have used this vacuum for years and highly recommend it. The dog also does a pretty good job :)!

Dog cleaning the nuna pipa car seat
Shark cordless vacuum cleaning the nuna pipa car seat

The most important thing to remember is not to use any bleach or hard chemicals on any part of the car seat. 

Step Four: Cleaning the Nuna PIPA Base

Branch basics all purpose cleaner

You can wash the car seat base using a damp cloth or mild soap (I use Branch Basics All-Purpose—not sponsored, I just love this product). For crumbs, use a handheld vacuum. You do not need to remove the base to clean it. 

Step Five: Reassembling the Nuna PIPA Car Seat

Once everything is washed and air-dried, you are ready to put everything back together. Start by placing the cover over the body of the car seat. Then starting from the bottom, clip in the several plastic pieces that snap/tuck in on the bottom. You will then work your way up the car seat. 

Turn it around and feed the padding around the release button. This may be a little tricky the first time, but it does get better. If you are having trouble, it may be easier to start with this, so you can undo the plastic tucking you did and focus on fitting it around the button. Feed the crotch buckle through the appropriate hole in the cover. If this is your first time washing the car seat, it is probably the hole closest to the baby. 

crotch buckle

Thread the top straps through the proper holes. Remember, you will have to move the chest buckle sideways to fit in both entry holes. If you have a new baby, you are likely using the closest straps, but if you have an older child, you may want to count how high up it was on both the back of the car seat and the cover to make sure you are putting it through the right holes. 

threading the harness through

Turn over the car seat, and connect the straps in the back. Make sure they are not twisted and are both under the metal bars. 

Connect straps in the back

Turn the car seat around again and continue working your way up by feeding the two release buttons by the bar through. You will likely have to stretch a lot to get these to fit (also gets easier in time). Then attach the clips under the car seat. 

Feeding fabric over release buttons

Finally, tuck the plastic piece in at the top of the car seat. 

If you wash the canopy, you will want to slide the front pocket through the plastic piece and attach the hood to the clip. It should slide in really easily. 

Reattaching the nuna pipa canopy

Connect the snaps on both sides.

reattaching nuna pipa snaps

Finally, stretch the hood to the top and velcro it. 

velcroing the hood

For the last step, attach the covers. The crotch cover has that ribbon that needs to be threaded through, and the shoulder strap covers have snaps. The snaps should be on the opposite side of the baby’s neck. 

Now add the infant inserts (if using), and you are ready to use your car seat. It seems like many steps, but you will be a pro after you do it twice. I hope this post was helpful, and if you want to see more, you can find me on Youtube and Instagram

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Frequently Asked Questions about Washing the Nuna PIPA Car Seat (FAQ)

Can I machine wash the Nuna PIPA car seat cover?

Yes, the car seat cover is machine washable. Be sure to use a gentle soap and a delicate cycle, and wash it with cold water.

Can I use any detergent to clean my Nuna PIPA car seat?

No, using a mild detergent when cleaning your car seat is essential. Avoid harsh chemicals or bleach, which can damage the car seat’s materials. I prefer Molly’s Suds.

How often should I clean my Nuna PIPA car seat?

It is recommended to clean your car seat on a regular basis, as dirt and grime can build up over time. Plus, babies can be gross, leaving you with a messy car seat! 

Can I remove the infant insert from the car seat to wash it?

Yes, you can remove the infant insert to wash it separately. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the insert.

Can I use a dryer to dry the car seat cover after washing it?

No, putting the car seat cover in the dryer is not recommended. Instead, hang it dry or lay it flat to dry.

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